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Life Skills

By Lisa Edwards | September 4, 2013

‘Life Skills’ is a national community event sponsored by Barclays and designed to provide young people with the skills that they need for life.

At a recent event at a Coventry secondary school, I was fortunate to be part of three CV writing workshops, for youngsters aged 13-14. We were advising them on the things employers look for, giving hints and tips on improving their CVs. We even asked them what they would look for, if they were employers.

It was a great event, really interactive – and many of the pupils already knew which career they wanted to pursue. Some hoped to be doctors, some accountants and others MI analysts – they were very switched on and it was really encouraging to discover some were doing voluntary work to improve their prospects. I wasn’t expecting the pupils to have decided on a career path and to be acting on their ambitions already!

Reporting back to us after the event, the teachers told us they too had learnt from the workshops, so it’s obvious how beneficial ‘Life Skills’ can be.

As far as I am aware, schools no longer have dedicated career advisors, so there is clearly a need to support young people and Barclays can help. ‘Life Skills’ gives us the opportunity to put something back into the communities in which we trade.

  • Kelly

    I am interested in the Life Skills sessions. How can my school be involved?
    Thank you

  • farmideas

    Please also remember the ones who aren’t going to be doctors etc, who find school hard work. Many farm and rural boys miss school and just want to be farmers. These schools find this magazine is attractive to this sector and they learn about farm machines, and improve their reading at the same time.

  • Matt McVoy

    Hi Lisa, I wonder if you and I (or a member of your team) could discuss Barclays running a workshop at Sedbergh School’s Next Steps Show in May? If you could drop me a quick line I’ll be able to let you know a lot more. Many thanks, Matt.

    • Barclays Moderator

      Hi Matt, I’ve passed on your query to the relevant contact at Barclays, who will be in touch. Thank you. ^SLP

  • Barclays Moderator

    Hello Matt, thank you for your comment. Your query has been sent to the relevant contact here at Barclays and they will be in touch shortly. ^SLP

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